Image with the Structure Sensor the scanner for human body 3D scanning


For Human Body 3D Scanning


For Human Body 3D Scanning

What is Structure Sensor?

The first 3D Scanner for Apple devices.

It is attached to the tablet by brackets that are designed specifically for the different models, providing 2 infrared LEDs and a camera to measure the depth.

Image of Structure Sensor with the lens and the Ipad

Scanner Benefits

Powerful. Mounted on an iPad or iPhone, turns your Apple device into a powerful 3D scanner.

Friendly. Requires no cables or PC nearby and offers you real freedom to scan.

Safe. Uses structured light to capture data, fully eye-safe.

Light & Compact. Combined with an iPad or iPhone, it weighs less than 460 grams.

Ultra-portable. Ideal when you’re on the move, to quickly scan a patient.

Affordable. Structure Sensor is the most affordable 3D scanner for the human body.

3DsizeMe, the free app for Structure Sensor

IPad App for Human Body 3D Scanning

The 3DsizeME system is a combination of the Structure Sensor3DsizeME free iPad and iPhone app and MSoft, for the most compact, versatile and affordable scanning solution yet.

Image of Structure Sensor and the applications and his options

Structure Sensor: one scanner, many options


Foot Orthotics.






Knee Orthotics.


What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

I bought a Structure sensor to install on my IPAD and using the 3DsizeME app ; I had all the information form Techmed3d’s support team.
They help to configure my Ipad and also all the settings for sending Imed files to my email account.
The support team is awesome and the response I got from was within 30 minutes. TechMed help me to save time!

Gerard Guimond

Dev Lead

The scanner came in really fast and I had the tracking number as soon as it was shipped.
I quickly sent them an email to the support team and they contacted me to help me get set up. I can’t believe the results are that good for a scanner that is that much affordable.
Plus, the team gave me some tips and cues to help me get started with the application and the scanning. 10/10, I would totally recommend it.

Joseph Greene

IT Director

The results obtained with the Structure Sensor combined with the app 3Dsizeme are completely different from other 3D scanning apps that I have experienced. 3Dsizeme specializes in the scanning of the human body and focuses on the extremities of the rather than 3D scanning of the full body or 3D objects. I am really glad I could find an app to scan foot insoles in an easy, fast and accurate way. 

Samantha Roussel


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