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Established in 2004 by France´s largest custom-made orthopedic group, Rodin4D specializes in computer software development, applications, robots and 3D scanners for the orthopedic and prosthetic (O&P) industry.
They have been able to adapt to their customers' needs and offer one of the most advanced solutions on the market.

Our offering

Rodin 4D has a full range of products to help O&P professionals fully create their custom orthopedic and prosthetic devicesThey offer everything from CAD/CAM Software to machining tools, like milling machines and large robots.  



NEO is a rectification software that allows you to produce orthotic or prosthetic devices using a milling machine.


Many different tools have been integrated into this solution: import scans, tool library, patient management, STL file export, modification history, and much more.  

Cube is a CAD/CAM design software that allows you to design orthotic and prosthetic devices. You can import a patient scan or a positive or negative STL file. Cube is compatible with robots, 3D printers and milling machines. It is also a great complement to NEO software  

CapteviaPlus is a highly portable 3D digitalization tool. Simply scan your patient with your iOS device, process the file, send it to the Rodin4D NEO software. The CPX files can then be converted and exported to your preferred format (CPV, STL, OBJ). 


Victor Robots

Developed to produce orthotics and prosthetics, Victor robots are highly advanced and guarantee high-capacity machining in all spaces. It can be delivered with a rotating tray installed in a wheeled cabinet, making it convenient for any workshop. 

3D printing solution


Arkad is a turnkey solution that allows you to print 3D insoles based on your patient’s scanned foot. Mold your patient’s feeand obtain the measurements with the Arkad Scan app. Send the results to Arkad Soft to create your insoles. Start the Arkad 3D printer, and print up to 10 pairs of insoles per day. 

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