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Useful resources such as case studies, tutorial videos, C-Fab/Lab finder, F.A.Q. and much more under a single page. Find all you need here!


Case studies

Success stories

We created a library full of eBooks, case studies, success stories and free calculator tools for you to learn how and why you should get started with our solutions.

Knowledge base

You have specific questions regarding our solutions? Visit our knowledge base to learn specific tips and tricks regarding our different software.


You would like to improve your skills with our solutions? Visit our academy to learn how to use specific functions with short tutorial videos.

CFab/Lab finder

Find a central of fabrication or a laboratory nearby to outsource your orthotics and prosthetics production.


Still have questions? Don’t worry, we have a frequently asked questions section. Visit our page for further information about our solutions.

Distributor program

You are in the O&P industry and would like to earn extra income? Becoming a TechMed’s distributor might interest you! Visit our page to learn more about our program.