Why use our body scan app for your production process?

Body scanning technology is very popular within the O&P industry, but finding the perfect solution for you can be difficult. You need find the ideal scanner, along with the leading software to get the best results.

Here at TechMed3D, we focus on the software. We want our clients to get the best 3D file- with or without measurements, on the market.

Our body scanner apps are




Easy to use

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Human body scanning technology process



Scan using our software MSoft from your computer. We also offer a more portable method, with our body scanner solution for mobile devices 3DsizeMe or your customized version, My3DsizeMe.



Get a clean and watertight file using our software MSoft. Go for a more portable solution with our product MSoft+ available with your app My3DsizeMe.



Multiple 3D file formats are available to save your files from MSoft. Select MSoft+ if you want to export the file directly from your iPad.

Choosing a scanner

Scannerless solution

We are proud to say that you can now use your app My3DsizeMe with Apple’s TrueDepth camera to scan every body parts. This complete scanner-free solution is available on certain compatible mobile devices.

Body scanner for mobile devices

If you are looking for a low-cost portable solution, check out the Structure Sensor scanner. Plug it into your iPad and use it along with our app 3DsizeMe or your app My3DsizeMe.

Body scanner for laptops

Choose the BodyScan or EinScan H scanner along with our software MSoft if you don’t need color scanning. If you prefer scanning in color, the Peel 2 Scanner is your best option.

What can I do with your body scanner apps?

Orthosis fabrication

Our apps allow you to scan all parts of the body from head to toe. Our software is designed to fit your needs in terms of measurements and functionality. Fabricating orthoses has never been easier.

Prosthesis fabrication

Our apps allow you to scan residual limbs. Our software is designed to fit your needs in terms of measurements and functionality. Fabricating prostheses has never been easier.

Outsource my production

Our clients are based worldwide and produce a variety of orthoses and prostheses. If you are looking for a fabrication center or laboratory near you, click the link below to learn more. 

Small Investment to use our body scanner apps

Using our Pay per Scan License model, you can benefit from the low-cost 3D file. Our model is aligned with your cash flow, which means that you only pay when you produce orthoses or prostheses. Top up your account with tokens to be used as needed.

You can use the Pay per Scan model with any scanning device, and you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Unlimited scanning sessions

Scan the same patient multiple times, you’ll never be charged for the scanning sessions you do, only the scans you use

Multiple scanning devices

Use tokens for all your devices, whether you have 10, 20 or more, price for tokens remains the same.

Buy tokens online

Whenever you need tokens, you can buy them at our online store.

Fixed costs

Benefit from a fixed price for each body part and only pay for the file you use for your production. 


Updates, maintenance and support included

No hidden fees for maintenance or support, and access to all software updates.

No initial investment

When buying tokens, get full access to the latest software versions. Apart from buying tokens and the hardware needed, there is no initial investment fee to get started with our solutions.

Learn more about our body scanner technology

Contact our experts to have a live demo of our body scanning technology solutions.

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