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    Windows software

    Experience a smooth and easy 3D scan with MSoft. Scan directly on MSoft using one of the compatible scanners: BodyScan, EinScan H or Peel 2 and process your file to continue your production.

    Simple steps

    Scan or import

    Start a scanning session directly on MSoft using a hand scanner. MSoft can also be used to import any 3D file format of a body part to get a clean and watertight file, with or without measurements.


    Align, clip, and reconstruct your 3D file using simple functions within MSoft. Add measurements and export a report if needed.


    Save your 3D file by selecting different the different file formats we offer. It all depends on your needs.


    iOS app

    Experience a fast and easy 3D scan with 3DsizeMe. Scan with 3DsizeMe and send yourself the file to process using MSoft. The reconstructed file will help you continue your production.

    Simple steps


    Start a scanning session directly on 3DsizeMe, using a Structure Sensor scanner (from Occipital) connected to your iPad.


    Add comments, notes, or details to your scan directly on your iOS device. Take pictures or videos of your patient to send along with the scan.


    Upload your scan, pictures, and videos to your desired destination. Open your scan file (iMed file) in MSoft to prepare and export as a ready to use 3D file format.


    Your iOS app

    With your customized application, you can have a solution that truly fits your needs. Add your company logo and colors, your desired fields, and unique features to improve your daily operations.


    Increase your brand’s loyalty

    Give your app to your customers and enjoy gaining new customers by having your C-Fab/Lab info on our website.

    Avoid missing information

    Add fields that are important for your production process and set mandatory fields to ensure you have all the information to complete your order.

    Improve your daily operations

    Add unique features to your app: your PDF order form, authentication, encryption, MSoft+, connection to your web portal and more.


    Automatic processing software

    Enjoy scanning, processing, analyzing, and sending your 3D file directly on your device with MSoft+. Save lengthy processing times and avoid receiving unusable files from your clients. 


    Automatic processing

    Scan and process the file directly on your iPad, our algorithms will align, crop, and close the file for you.

    Automatic measurements

    Enjoy the automatic measurements and add references on your scan file to obtain measures from these points.

    Export and visualize your 3D file

    After your scanning session, look at your 3D file to validate it. Once approved, send the file in the format you want. MSoft+ supports the following formats: STL, OBJ, PLY

    You want your own app?

    Wait no more and contact our experts to learn how we can improve your daily operations with a solution tailored to your needs. You’ll save time, money, and increase your brand’s loyalty with all our available features!

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