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Orthopedic Center Julie Larouche: utilizing 3D printing to meet workforce demands

The Orthopedic Center Julie Larouche has recently implemented automation in the production process of plantar orthoses that are prescribed to their patients. Undoubtedly, the implementation of Rodin4D’s Arkad solution facilitates expedited patient care while reducing manual labor requirements.
Success Story

Actuel Orthopédie: A Revolution in Orthopedic Insole Production

Actuel Orthopédie distinguishes itself in this revolution by implementing 3D scanning and 3D printing in its processes, revolutionizing its in-house production while increasing efficiency with the help of Arkad’s comprehensive solution by Rodin 4D.
Success Story

Calculation Tool – EinScan H

Have you always wanted to know if investing in a digital solution would be beneficial for your operations? Find out the truth by comparing costs related to traditional vs digital methods using this tool.

The benefits of digitization – a comprehensive guide

Digitization has many benefits for your business, but you probably only know about a few of them. We’ve created a comprehensive eBook with over 20 benefits of digitizing your processes.

Offer even more personalized products with the BestMatch function

As an O&P professional, you probably want to offer products tailored to your customers’ needs. You need to offer the most suitable product, even if you sell standard products. The BestMatch function enables you to do just that, and to offer the products best suited to your patients’ measurements.
Case Study

Northwest Podiatric Laboratory : Expanding their offerings with 3D technology 

The use of 3D scanning technology for orthotics and prosthetics production is becoming more popular, but sometimes switching from a traditional to digital method can be difficult. Northwest Podiatric Laboratory understands this problem perfectly; they offer their clients casting with both traditional and digital options.
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