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Used in combination with MSoft and the Optimisation Module, the BodyScan white-light scanner is the most precise and constant scanner on the market.

The BodyScan Scanner offers high accuracy, portability, and intuitiveness to people in need of a 3D scanning device for human body measurements.

Why BodyScan?

The BodyScan has been specifically designed to scan the human body.

It is the most precise scanner on the market and can be used for all applications.

It is very easy to use and ergonomic.

Increases efficiency and quality in any finished product by increasing the profitability of your business.

A good scan starts with a good scanner

BodyScan scanner Features.

The Body Scan scanner features very fast shape acquisition and high accuracy functionalities. It generates 3D data that can be used to fabricate customized, comfortable devices.

The BodyScan is a great alternative to traditional, tiresome and messy measurement methods like plaster casts.

The body scan scanner with his features and attributes

Movement Tolerance

The scanner tolerates micro-movements. As long as the surface does not change, the scanner is able to capture the body part.

• It is easy to scan a baby’s head for a cranial helmet, even when he moves (with a special cape to hide shoulders);

• Possible to scan a torso even with the breathing.

The body Scan show his 4 points of white light to scanner of human body
Image of Body Scan amd show his accuracy yo each body part

Expected Accuracy

The scanner is precise enough to reach the perfect level of accuracy specific to each body part, a concept that we call ‘expected accuracy’.

• Larger body parts (ex: torso), do not need precision as high as smaller body parts (ex: feet), so the BodyScan is precise enough but flexible to be able to adapt to both.

• Shorter scanning sessions for larger body parts and tolerate movement.

• Very precise scans when required.

Scan in Real Time

The scan is displayed in real time on the computer screen.

• Facilitate the scanning process.

• Be able to see if the scan is complete and good.

• Make sure the customer does not have to come back to retake the scan.

Image of Body Scan to show the facilitate to scanning the human body
Image of Body Scan with his benefits, like completely eye-safe, even for babies

White Light

The scanner uses white-light (or structured light) technology.

• Completely eye-safe, even for babies;

• Very precise;

• Does not interfere with the environment (ex: metal);

• Allows to stop and resume the scan easily.

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MSoft, the best software for the BodyScan

BodyScan for Human Body 3D Scanning

PC interface for 3D Body Scanning

MSoft allows you to get the best scan, faster.

Obtain quickly and easily a ready to use file, so you can modify, carve, 3D print, design, etc.

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What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

"This scanner is light and easy to use for all body parts. Even if the patient moves, I know the scan will be accurate. The software MSoft that comes with it is intuitive and makes me save a lot of time."

– David Hickes

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