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June 22, 2021

3D printing and orthotics: an introduction

We’ve all heard about 3D printing, but what is 3D printing exactly? This article is part of a series exploring 3D printing in orthotics. In this first article, we start by introducing what 3D printing is all about and its benefits.
4 min
May 28, 2021

6 reasons to get this new full body 3D acquisition solution

The EinScan H is a hand-held 3D scanner that can perform full body 3D acquisition efficiently and safely. This scanner in combination with TechMed 3D’s MSoft solution, specially designed for 3D scanning of the human body, unlocks the potential for clinicians to get access to clean scans within minutes.
4 min
April 16, 2021

Five healthcare technology trends to watch for in 2021

Every year, billions of dollars are invested in healthcare innovations. Some of them do not meet expectations and aren’t launched on the market. But some get launched from time to time and transform the face of the industry.
3 min
March 30, 2021

Offering a better alternative for prosthetics in developing countries

Organizations worldwide are working tirelessly on providing appropriate prosthetic services and on new approaches to prosthetic design allowing for quick and easy fitting while keeping costs low.
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