The potential of 3D printing for foot orthotic insoles

April 26, 2022
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It’s no secret that various factors, including lifestyle changes and obesity, lead to bone-related disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and juvenile arthritis. The leading cause of injuries in the senior cohort is the foot’s weak sensory capabilities, resulting in sudden collapses.

This is where the potential of 3D printing comes into play for foot orthotic insoles. This technology has the ability to create custom insoles that are specifically designed for an individual’s feet. Fortunately, foot orthotic insoles assist in foot alignment and relieve pain, which results in better support and comfort.

Foot orthotic insoles market

Research shows that foot orthotic sales will exceed US$4 billion by 2026. The critical factor in shaping market growth is technological advancements and a rise in R&D projects. Moreover, the fastest growing segment will be adults making around 70% of the total market value.

According to an MR analyst, producers are exploring new substrates, including carbon composite fibers and thermoplastics, to create orthotic insoles and meet market demands. With the incorporation of advanced technologies, such as computer-aided fixation and 3D printing for foot orthotic insoles, there will be fewer complications.

Producers to customize foot orthotics insoles for better margins

Currently, the healthcare sector is undergoing a tech-enabled transformation. Therefore, customers are looking forward to a higher level of customization in foot orthotic insoles. The customized foot orthotic insole is specifically designed to perfectly fit the client’s body part, thus offering comfort and support.

Custom foot orthotic insole is quite effective in relieving conditions including leg fatigue, lower back pain, and heel pain, according to PLOS ONE. Also, it’s efficient in other foot conditions linked to illnesses, such as arthritis and diabetes. For example, custom foot orthotic lower head and tibial acceleration rates.

Therefore, market players are focusing on product customization to meet the demand and reap significant revenue and profit.

Three-dimensional printing machine

The importance of the 3D file

The manufacturing of a custom foot orthotic insole will only commence after a complete evaluation and analysis of the foot structure of the client. Next, the patient’s foot will need to be 3D scanned to acquire imaging before being sent for 3D production.

At TechMed 3D, we have expertise in developing simple 3D acquisition software for both the prosthetics and orthotics industry. Our primary focus is ensuring our customers acquire the best 3D body parts files with the help of our solutions. We offer the most accurate 3D body model data for your production.

After spending years fine-tuning and researching 3D body scanning software and scanning devices, we have come up with solutions that can be tailored to improve the day-to-day operations of O&P experts and best fit your specific needs. When using our 3D scanning software, it’s easy to visualize 3D body parts and acquire the measurements you need.

Our 3D solutions will ensure you are on your toes with 3D printing technology, including our latest scannerless solution: Liberty. With this technology, you won’t need to purchase an additional scanner because Apple’s True Depth camera will enable you to scan right from your device.

Then, using our MSoft solution, you can import, process, and share your 3D files to send out to get 3D printed. Ultimately, you will be able to save a lot of processing time and money.

Get ready for your digital transformation

With technological advancement in various sectors, including health, it’s time to embrace 3D scanning and printing to meet the current market trends and needs. Having worked diligently with O&P experts, we understand your needs and reality. Contact us today to know which solution is the best fit for you and how we can assist in digitizing your operations. Our experts will be glad to schedule a free demo with you.

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