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At TechMed 3D we are dedicated to innovation and committed to provide nothing but the most powerful and most user-friendly human body measurement software 

The Best Human Body Measurement Software 


Image of Msoft in a laptop with cranial scan and measurements

MSoft Get a clean scan instantly.
Quick, easy.

MSoft software is the missing link in 3D scanning. It is the bridge between hardware technology and your scanning needs.

It fulfills the need to obtain easily and quickly ready to use files, so you can modify, carve, 3D print, design, fit… Whatever your scanning project is, Msoft is the key.


Image of 3DsizeMe App with foot scan options to scan the human body

The 3DsizeME App is a portable, versatile and easy to use solution for human body 3D digitalization.

3DsizeME is an iPad & iPhone app designed by TechMed 3D that controls and optimizes 3D scanning with the Structure Sensor™.

3DSizeME allows all industry, big or small, to access a proven, precise and trouble free 3D scanning solution for the human body.

What They Say About US

“I like the complete TechMed “package”. The versatility, flexibility and being able to scan and obtain a clean shape with all the measurements I need are the most important features.

MSoft ensures that you can obtain the most accurate measurements,  presented in a way that suits my needs.

The customer service and TechMed 3D’s commitment to help customers understand the interaction between the scanners they sell, the apps and the MSoft software, gives me an efficient workflow I can count on’’.

MSoft Customer

“I like it a lot because I can use the Structure Sensor to make the scan and my laptop to obtain the measurements with the portability I need in my company.

Also, as I spend many hours working in different prosthetic clinics, I like to scan patients with the 3DsizeME app and send the scan by email or Dropbox.

The user interface in MSoft and 3DsizeME are very intuitive, I like how the patient’s info is displayed.”

3DsizeMe Customer

“TechMed has helped us to create more high-end products with a low cost, leading to a more effective return on investment.

But most of all, I like how quickly the TechMed team responds to a question or request. They are open-minded and take our suggestions into account to improve the software.

We are also able to manage the scans in our stores with a custom setting, so we can use this tool with our associates as well

TechMed 3D Customer

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