Let’s face it: Clinicians worldwide are facing overwhelming manual processes and a shortage of skilled workers. This is why the need for digitization is becoming essential more than ever in the O&P industry.

Clinics are seeking a solution that is tailored to orthopedics, easy to use, and economical to operate. This is where scanning software solutions come into play and offer precisely these advantages. Not to mention that the use of technology makes the workplace more interesting for the next generation of workers and results in more efficient processes.

Because of the growing demand on a global scale, back in September of last year, TechMed 3D launched a new affiliate program in the search of strategic partnerships around the globe to fulfill the demand and interest of 3D data acquisition solutions. 

TechMed 3D is glad to announce today that it has partnered with Leder Brinkmann, a key player in high-quality range of leather and orthopedic supplies, to expand its global presence to Germany. Through this strategic partnership, Leder Brinkmann will support TechMed 3D customers and sales in Germany as well as individual project development and further development of existing solutions.

“For Leder Brinkmann, this partnership is the next logical step in the further development of our offer to our customers. In our range, we have analog products for molding, such as foam boxes and plaster/cast bandages. In addition, there are now the possibilities offered by 3D scanning in the digital world” says Michael Busiek, Managing Director of Leder Brinkmann GmbH.  He mentions “TechMed 3D is an open system, in which users can use the data in a wide variety of design programs. This reality, like the entire culture of the company, fits perfectly with our vision of how we want to help our customers.”

Michael Busiek

Managing Director, Leder Brinkmann GmbH

“We had been looking for a suitable partner to work within Germany for some time. We are convinced that with Leder Brinkmann, we have found a very good fit for our projects in Germany,” reports Yahya Baby, EMEA Sales Director and adds ” The team is very customer-oriented and very motivated.”

Yahya Baby

EMEA Sales Director, TechMed 3D

Get access to TechMed 3D’s solutions in Germany through Leder Brinkmann by getting in touch with Michael Busiek michael.busiek@leder-brinkmann.de 

Look into the 3DsizeMe App, which offers an intuitive interface in the widespread Apple ecosystem. Plus, with our solutions, users only pay when they actually want to process the recorded data. So, it’s a true “pay-per-use” model with no upfront investment in software. Also, our software solutions can be controlled by various scanners and can also be adapted to customer requirements. This gives users the option of easily documenting results with a customer when capturing 3D data. 

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