As Central Fabrication, you have various customers with countless orders coming in. If you haven’t made the switch to 3D scanning, it can be difficult to reach your deadlines, increase customers or fulfill new orders without more techs on your payroll. Especially in our current global pandemic conditions, it can be difficult to process new orders or keep business running smoothly from a distance.

In this article, we detail the benefits of 3D scanning human body parts for central fabrication by comparing it to traditional methods.

“If you haven’t made the switch to 3D scanning, it can be difficult to reach your deadlines, increase customers or fulfill new orders without more techs on your payroll.”

Benefits of 3D scanning vs. traditional method

CategorySubcategoryTraditional Method3D Scanning
MeasurementsMethodDepending on cliniciansStandardized
ErrorsDepending on clinicians
Errors can be added to errors from capture.
Depending on capture/3D scanner
No error addition from capture.
FormsFill inDo not get complete information usuallyUnable to send it if mandatory fields not filled in
ShippingDamageCasts/Foam box can be damaged.No damage to digital files.
FeesCost of shipping or carrier.No cost.
Time2-3 days.Instant.
DesignWorkIn houseIn house or Remote
Time2-3 hours1 hour
MeasurementsManual measurements can be not enough.Access to the complete shape of the body part
OrganizationCan be difficult to find an old modelEasy to find the files to reuse them
MarketingOn formsCustomized app
CustomersRangeHard to reach out customers from outside of the local areaEasy to reach out customers from outside of the local area
New cliniciansNew clinicians like to use technology
Centralization and standardizationUniformityEach clinic practice is different and hard to changeSame tools to capture and measure and same methods
Sales representativeNeed to know all the old and new methodsSame method for everybody
TrainingNot easy to train new customersEasy and can be done online
EmployeesNeed a lot of technician to design and produceLimited number of technicians needed
InsuranceInformationNot much data and informationGive accurate data and more information
Full custom productLimited = Less reimbursementEasier = Best reimbursement
EcologyLot of material wasteFree of waste

What about 3D scanning during these pandemic conditions?

With social distancing and self-isolation taking precedence in our lives, this is a perfect example of how 3D scanning can help central fabrication. With the world in slow motion and many companies working at a bare minimum, essential services such as carrier companies are becoming overloaded and extending their delivery times. In the United States alone, C-Fabs are currently seeing about a 30% decrease in business. It is becoming difficult, if not impossible, to process new orders or make headway on previous orders while using traditional methods. Using 3D scanning allows you to slow down without completely stopping by having new orders through emails, remote product design, and sending to a production line queue.

At Techmed 3D, we are still training, and giving support and information about our solutions. Contact us and our team will be happy to help you make the transition.

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