Image of 3DsizeME, the best app for apple devices to scan the human body
Image of 3DsizeME, the app for apple devices to scan the human body

Body Measurement Technologies at Your Fingertips

image of Icon to fin 3DsizeME in the Apple Store

The 3DsizeME App is a portable, versatile and easy to use solution for human body 3D digitalisation.

With 3DsizeME

Now you can gather patient information and scan human body parts with Structure Sensor™


Scan many body parts with many options.


Pleasant scanning experience.


Take notes, comments or pictures.

The new 3DsizeME update


3DsizeME is an iPad & iPhone app designed by TechMed 3D that controls and optimizes 3D scanning with the Structure Sensor™.

3DSizeME allows all the industry, big or small, to access a proven, precise and trouble free 3D scanning solution for the human body.

3DSizeME is the fastest growing 3D scanning solution in the market.

Image of dashboard of 3DsizeME in the IPad Air with all the settings and features

A new era of human body digitalization is here!


The best integration of the Structure Sensor™ for the O&P industry


Already used by thousands of clinicians around the world


IMed files can be opened and processed with MSoft at nearly one hundred enabled C-Fabs around the world


Scans taken with the app are iMed files

The 3D digitization of the human body finally accessible!

Image of Structure Sensor mounted in the IPad ready to work with 3DsizeMe

Do you want to have 3DsizeMe with your colors and company logo?

Why 3DsizeME?

Image of 3DsizeME working in the Iphone 7. 3DsizeME is for all the Apple devices

TechMed 3D expertise inside

• Design and functions driven by 8 years of TechMed 3D’s total commitment and leadership in 3D scanning for the human body;

• Scanner carefully selected and tested by TechMed 3D to reach the perfect balance between expected accuracy and precision versus the cost of purchase and ownership;

• Preconfigured scanning parameters depending on the body part;

• Smooth and pleasant scanning experience for the clinic specialist and the patient;

• Access to multiple automatic measurements and infinite custom measurements possibilities with MSoft;

Ready for O&P

• User friendly for busy clinic specialists;

• Free download for clinics;

• Flexible licence plans for C-Fab partners;

• Various levels of customization available;

• For foot, plantar, AFO, knee, torso and head;

• Able to scan the body part directly or scan a foam impression or a cast;

• Available in multiple languages

Image of 3DsizeME in the IPad to show the option of send the 3D images by Dropbox or email

3DSizeME was designed to facilitate the business process

Adapted for all types of companies

Image of Structure Sensor and 3DsizeMe and the Ipad to show how is 3DsizeMe

Grow the business

Reach new users and generate loyalty by providing a turn key solution to hundreds of clinics. It is cheaper than you think!

Receive orders of better quality

Standardize patient information quality received with your personalized app and PDF forms. Receive good scans with minimal coaching of your customers.

Save time and money on shipping

Scanned files do not need packaging, shipping fees, tracking and storage space and manutention. Scanned files don’t arrive broken and can be resend easily if they get lost.

Scale it up as big and as wide as you want!

The passage from shipping foam impressions and casts to exchanging digital data eliminates many business barriers. It definitely opens the door for C-Fabs to sell and support clinics and patients no matter where they are.

We Can Customize the App for You

You can get more brand visibility with My3DsizeME!

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