Why outsourcing to central fabrication?

January 25, 2023
5 min

Before 3D scanning, central fabrication (C-Fab/Lab) was already an option for clinician, but several negative aspects could surpass the benefits. In fact, the use of physical model to send to the central fabrication led to the following situation : 

  • Delays in the shipping of models
  • Expensive shipping cost
  • Model gets damaged or is lost during transportation

Since 3D scanning become more and more present in daily practice, these negative aspects are no longer a barrier to outsource your fabrication. However, as a clinician as well as a clinics manager, you can ask yourself the benefits that these C-Fab can bring you. We have tried to compare in-house and off-site fabrication in the table below.

In-house C-fab
Clinician Time taken away from patients and normal business functions Time entirely dedicated to patient and normal business functions
Staff Need several technicians for fabrication and to manage/hire your staff Less staff on the payroll (very interesting in current context) nor staff management
Fabrication material Need stock Material managed by C-fab
Equipment Need to buy/update/fix fabrication equipment Fabrication equipment managed by Cfab
Facility Need space for clinics and fabrication team Need space for clinics only
Fabrication time Can vary with demands, staff availability, … Known time of fabrication
Process Easier to control or do custom adjustments Can have misunderstanding
Devices available Only the ones your technicians can do Unlimited: fabrication in different C-Fab in function of the device needed
Cost Can change with material cost, mistakes, … Predictable pricing

According to your clinic practice, it may be relevant for you to outsource your production to a central of fabrication.  


But where can you find one, and preferably close to you? TechMed 3D got you covered! Find a laboratory near your hometown with our C-Fab/Lab finder tool:

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