Upgrade your scanning experience with Liberty 2.0

February 15, 2023
4 min

We are proud to announce that we upgraded Liberty to Liberty 2.0, our scannerless solution for 3D acquisition and measurement of the human body using Apple’s TrueDepth camera. 

We have partnered with Structure to offer you the best solution on the market. Coupling this powerful technology with Structure SDK and Structure Lite support means that you can now scan faster than ever. 

Simplicity and efficiency

With a series of next-generation features, you can enjoy unprecedented scan simplicity and efficiency. The 360-degree scan mode facilitates effortless capture, while a haptic vibration alert always keeps users on track while scanning patients. You can also enjoy a range of customization options, including all-new direct platform file extraction and viewing of complete scans on-device. 

Use it along with 3DsizeMe or a custom app like My3DsizeMe 

The latest update is now accessible for everyone, even if you are only using 3DsizeMe and don’t have a custom app like My3DsizeMe. Additionally, as a C-Fab, you can offer Structure Lite with TrueDepth support through your standalone custom apps, making cutting-edge technology more accessible than ever.   

The power of the Apple’s TrueDepth camera supported by Structure Lite

The integration of Structure SDK with support for Structure Sensor Pro and now Apple’s TrueDepth camera with Structure Lite into 3DsizeMe and My3DsizeMe will allow you, as a clinician, to save time and get more accurate results with efficient and cost-effective scanning solutions.  

“Our collaboration with Structure has enabled us to offer a powerful solution that makes day-to-day operations simpler and more profitable for our customers. This complete integration will continue to break new ground in the market.”

If you would like more information on how Liberty 2.0 and Structure Lite with Apple’s TrueDepth camera support can benefit your business, please contact us. 

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