A better scanning experience: meet the Einstar Scanner and the Scanning mirror 

May 18, 2023
4 min

With the emergence of digital technology, it has become easy to optimize processes and tools. General technology knowledge allows industries to adapt more and more to their client needs. At TechMed 3D, we want you to have the best products on the market. This is why we integrated new products to support your scanning experience with our solutions. Read below to find out what are the new products we integrated for you and what you can benefit from them 

Einstar scanner from Shining 3D

The new Einstar scanner from SHINING 3D generates accurate 3D data that can be used to fabricate customized orthotic or prosthetic devices.  

Portable and economical, the Einstar offers you an unprecedent scanning experience and allows you to easily scan your patients. 

Its micro movement tolerance and color scanning mode offer high accuracy, making it an ideal scanner to people in need of an affordable 3D scanning device for human body measurements. 

Use it in combination with MSoft, and enhance your scanning experience. 

Scanning Mirror

Used in combination with Liberty 2.0, the scanning mirror we developed will help you upgrade your scanning experience. Since the Liberty 2.0 technology is based on Apple’s True Depth camera, images are captured from the front camera. Therefore, depending on which body part you are scanning, it may be difficult to scan your patient without seeing your screen.  

The scanning mirror allows you to scan your patients while seeing your screen to capture the perfect scan. 

Wait no more and improve your scanning experience today by using our new scanning products. If you want more information about how our new hardware can benefit your business, contact us 👇🏼🤩 

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