20 benefits of digitization: a complete eBook guide

April 20, 2023
6 min

Digitization has many benefits for your business, and you probably know the 3 or 4 main advantages of digital casting over traditional casting. But do you know that there are more than 20 benefits? We created for you a complete eBook with all the benefits you can find when digitizing your process. In this article, we give you the details of 5 of the many benefits of modernizing your process. 👇 


  • Method 

Every clinician has its method when using plaster, which can produce different results for each professional. Using 3D scanning creates a standardized workflow, meaning that everyone is using the same methods and getting the same results. 

  • Errors  

Plaster casting and manual measurements lead to different results from one clinician to another. 3D scanning isn’t foolproof either. But mistakes that are made are easy to identify, thanks to the standardized workflow. For your C-Fab, this means simplified customer support. 

Order Forms

  • Fill In  

When manually filled, the order form may sometimes miss some information. C-Fabs are then receiving incomplete order forms, initiating a time-consuming back-and-forth process between them and the clinicians. With digital casting, C-Fabs can integrate their order forms directly into the scanning app and mark the fields as mandatory. Clinicians need to fill in all the required information in order to submit their order to the C-Fab. Everyone saves time, making the process more efficient. 


  • Quantity

By choosing a traditional approach, you increase the number of technicians you need (and your salary expenses) to design and produce your device. Choosing a digital method limits the number of technicians you need as it accelerates the design and fabrication process. 


  • Place

A room or warehouse is required to store all the plaster casts your C-Fab receives, increasing your fixed costs. Every digital cast is stored on a computer or server, freeing space like never before. You will see a great reduction in your fixed costs, making your business more profitable. 


You liked this article and want to learn about all the benefits of digitization? Wait no more and download our free eBook to find out about all the advantages that 3D scanning has to offer to your processes!

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