Find a CFab / Lab near you

Did you know that your Cfab/Lab can be featured on our website when having a customized version of 3DsizeMe? Take a look to this article to find out how you can benefit from our CFab/Lab finder tool!

The benefits of 3D scanning in orthotics clinics

Indeed, 3D scanning is an appealing solution, but it can seem a big obstacle when not being used to technology or when not wanting to increase operational costs. Read this article to find out the benefits from switching to a digital method.

Scan to print – New era to produce insoles

Additive manufacturing is very useful when thinking of insoles fabrication because it is fast, eco-friendly and cheaper than other solutions. In this article, we will look at two different options that companies are using when digitizing their process.

The potential of 3D printing for foot orthotic insoles

Currently, the healthcare sector is undergoing a tech-enabled transformation. Therefore, customers are looking forward to a higher level of customization in foot orthotic insoles. The customized foot orthotic insole is specifically designed to perfectly fit the client’s body part, thus offering comfort and support.

7 reasons why 3D printing is a sustainable option  

Nonetheless, it’s only worth exploring if you know what benefits will outweigh your costs. If you are still unsure about making the switch to 3D printing, here are 7 ways in which 3D printing has proven to be a sustainable option. 

The rise of additive manufacturing in prosthetic and orthotic manufacturing

The 3D printing medical devices market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 17.5% from 2021 to 2028. However, it also comes with its set of challenges as well. In this article, we will be reviewing the study on the current state of application of AM technologies in prosthesis and orthosis fabrication.

6 reasons to get this new full body 3D acquisition solution

The EinScan H is a hand-held 3D scanner that can perform full body 3D acquisition efficiently and safely. This scanner in combination with TechMed 3D’s MSoft solution, specially designed for 3D scanning of the human body, unlocks the potential for clinicians to get access to clean scans within minutes.

Five healthcare technology trends to watch for in 2021

Every year, billions of dollars are invested in healthcare innovations. Some of them do not meet expectations and aren’t launched on the market. But some get launched from time to time and transform the face of the industry.

Where is the digital health market heading?

Digital health is used for technology-based care, which combines health technology, digital media and mobile devices. By providing easy access to relevant data, digital health helps caregivers, patients and health professionals to improve the quality of healthcare and social services.