It’s Not Our Work Life, It’s Our Life’s Work.


The missing link between your scanning technology and getting measurements for the human body.

Forward Thinking

At TechMed 3D, we like to push the boundaries that already exist and democratize the digitalization of human body.

Problem Solvers

Reduce the cost, increase the speed of acquisition, look over new technologies; these are things that motivate us on a daily basis to bring solutions to market.

Customer Support

We are there for you! Adopting, integrating and improving 3D Scanning and CAD-CAM is a great adventure. We are there to guide you every step of the way.


Located only 10km away from beautiful Quebec City, TechMed 3D is the missing link between your 3D scanners and getting measurements and capability for CAD-CAM of custom devices for human body.


TechMed 3D’s mission is to make CAD-CAM technologies for human body accessible by developing and offering the most user-friendly and fast scanning system.

We help practitioners in the orthotics, prosthetics and custom made equipment industry to seamlessly integrate technology to their business, to make their life easier, increase their productivity, their turnaround time and their profitability.



We continually push back the boundaries and find new solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We are visionaries who are committed to work hard to come up with cutting edge solutions.


We believe integrity is a core pillar to our business and being honest in our business relationships is the key to our success as we take pride in our work and in meeting expectations of our customers.


We always do whatever it takes to add value to the user’s experience through our knowledge and great expertise. We are ambitious and creative to overcome obstacles and we always go forward.


TechMed 3D offers scanning solutions for human body. We are committed to provide the best and most-user friendly human body scanning system, to ensure the easiest, fastest and most accurate scanning experience on the market.

We are dedicated to innovation and proud to offer a groundbreaking solution, combined with incomparable customer service.

Our History

March 2009

TechMed 3D was founded.

July 2009

Introduction to market of the first version of MSoft.

September 2009

First sale of Msoft.


TechMed 3D hires its first employee.


Major brand selects TechMed 3D as software supplier for measurements and FIT for their sponsored athletes.


Partnership with Rodin 4D (CAD / CAM major player in the prosthetic-orthotic industry) and integration of MSoft in their system.


TechMed 3D became the reference for the acquisition of human body measurements in the O&P market.



TechMed 3D is the first to integrate a low-cost scanner as a technology for for the human body (Structure Sensor).


TechMed 3D innovates by automating MSoft algorithms in the Cloud allowing product recommendation within 30 seconds of taking measurements.


TechMed 3D employ now 12 people and have clients in more than 23 countries.

Meet the Team

Michel Babin

Favourite meal: Steak

Mathieu Lalumiere

Favourite Sport: Golf

Josée Caouette

Accounting Manager
Favourite place: Mexico

Claude Lessard

R&D Manager
Favourite Show: Roger Waters, Qc, 2012

Carlos Alarcon

Marketing Manager
Favourite place: Madrid - Spain

Yahya Baby

EMEA Sales Manager

Frédéric Delâge

Chief Software Developer
Favourite tennis player: Roger Federer

Eric Bridet

Software developer
Favourite band: Backstreet Boys

Marc-André Boulet

Software developer
Favourite artist: Corey Taylor

Yoann Dessery

Technical and Scientific R & D Specialist

Benoit Lebrun

North America Accounting Manager
Favourite Sport :  Soccer

Raphaëlle D’Amours

Inside Sales

Gaëtan Pelletier

Logistics Coordinator
Favourite Beer: Moosehead

Samuel Babin

Inside Sales
Favourite Sport: Soccer

Denis Poirier

Customer Service & Operations
Favourite Food: Italian Food

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