Get affordable custom-fitted masks thanks to our new Face Scan Mode

3D scan face
3D scan mask covid-19
3D scan face mask coronavirus
3D scan face

New Reality, New Technology

Now that the wearing of masks is becoming strongly suggested and even mandatory in certain places and businesses, providing the right face mask to individuals is essential. Custom-fitted masks can now be created with the right technology thanks to our 3D facial acquisition. These masks are well adapted to an individual’s face and are safer, more comfortable, facilitate breathing and speech.

Accessible Software

    Our easy-to-use technology makes it possible for:
  • Professionals who already have scanners in hand to offer facial scanning.
  • People who want to start offering a service of roaming scan.
  • Anyone who can access an iPad/iPhone along with a scanning sensor.
Woman mask covid-19

Fast Acquisition

With TechMed’s 3DSizeME App along with a Structure Sensor for iPad or iPhone, you can get a complete facial scan in only 1 minute:

1. Enter the information of the person you are scanning
2. Start the scanning mode to render the facial scan
3. Verify the final result
4. Send online a production-ready file to any supplier of choice

Affordable Solution

3D facial acquisition is an accessible and affordable solution. In addition, the 3DSizeME application is free and available on the App Store.

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