Improve Your Daily Operations and Simplify Your Work With Our NEW PRODUCT FEATURES 

We participated this week in OTWorld’s first virtual World Congress for all manufacturers, dealers, and service providers in the field of modern medical aids and equipment. The event focuses on the immense expectations regarding the possibilities of digitalization and the critical effects on the quality of care in the O&P industry.

As you know, we have been working continuously to develop some unique and distinctive features to facilitate your day-to-day operations by using state-of-the-art technology and our latest updates will not disappoint!

During our workshop at OTWorld.connect on October 28th, we officially released our NEW PRODUCT FEATURES, which improve your daily operations and simplify your work tremendously.

Get colored scans with Msoft

Msoft is a software that enables you to get a clean scan instantly & easily. With our new feature update, you can now scan in color using MSoft and the new Peel2 scanner. Also, clinicians can add landmarks on patients and see the results directly on a computer. With MSoft color, you can now use the color mode in 3DsizeMe and remesh the file using MSoft without losing any colors. You also have the possibility to combine your color scanner and our MSoft software. Results will impress you, as details are more accurate than ever!

Msoft updates


Split a cast with a new mode in MSoft

There is a new split cast mode in Msoft that will allow you to essentially split a cast on a specific body part. Split cast can be enabled while selecting the body part type by simply checking the box. Each part of the split cast must have at least 3 landmarks per scan for it to work. Those landmarks must be at the deepest part of the cast, and the target closest to the open extremity must be far apart from the others. The positioning of these targets is very important, as it allows the software to detect which end of the cast is the open side, as well as determining what is the inside and what is the outside of the cast. The scan will then be aligned automatically and must be reconstructed in order to merge both sides of the scan. Laplacian smoothing is then performed during reconstruction.



Use 3DsizeME Scannerless

Our 3DSizeME App (or Bundle ID version) for human body 3D digitization is versatile and easy-to-use. Even more now, since you can scan using only an iPhone that has a TrueDepth front camera. The results are as good as using an IPad with a Structure Sensor Scanner. This feature is only available for dorsum, plantar, foambox, and face mode. It is also possible if you want your Stand Alone App to be compatible with the iPhone.

Obtain more measurements with MSoft+

With MSoft+, you can now get the measures that you want from the waist to the toes. The auto processing will make you save even more time and you can decide, which measures you need based on your formula. This new feature is available for the following scanning modes: knee, above the knee, below the knee, full leg, plantar, dorsum, foam box, and full foot. Plus, you will notice that the scanning is the same as before and the file reconstruction is very accurate.




We hope you are as excited as we are about these new releases! Get in touch now with our sales team to book a virtual demo to see these product updates in action.

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