Privacy policy and security

Last update on 2021-10-25

TECHMED3D takes charge of the protection of personal and confidential information by addressing the following elements:

Collection, use and communication of personal and health information in a manner that complies with these obligations:

  • Prioritize strategies for not collecting personal and personal health information.
  • Limit the collection of information to the minimum required.
  • When the collection of personal or health information is required, define the context of collection and ensure the consent of the holder (e.g. patient).
  • Define the context of collection, use and communication and the responsibilities of each stakeholder. Define procedures for handling PR and health information.
  • Adapt the context of collection, use and communication to the 3 axes defined in the Information Security Policy.
  • Ensure compliance with these commitments by third parties.
  • Carry out an inventory of the personal or health information collected, used or communicated.


The destruction of personal and health information is planned to minimize access to this data. Processes and procedures are in place for the destruction of this data.


The protection measures are adapted in line with the requirements defined according to the axis and the type of information to be protected. The protection measures are framed by the Personal and Confidential Information Protection Policy and the Information Security Policy. These measures apply to the solutions acquired, developed or consumed by TECHMED3D, but also by its suppliers.


These measures include access management, logging (and traceability), backup copies, encryption, vulnerability management, change management, incident management and monitoring. These measures are notably defined in the security architecture of each client solution.

Evolution of action plans

TECHMED3D makes plans to react, adjust, and prevent breaches to protect information to the required levels. These plans are based on ongoing assessments and identified gaps.

Access to information

Requests for access to information are handled by the data protection officer.


To receive the complete TECHMED3D privacy and information security policies, or for any questions, concerns or complaints in writing to: