What is Pay Per Scan?

Pay Per Scan is a token system that allows you to pay only for what you really need at a very low rate. The system is also compatible with any scanning device of your choice. It’s simple: You buy the tokens you need and you are able to get a scan file ready for fabrication.

Here is the value that you get from switching to our Pay Per Scan model right away.

Unlimited Scans

You can scan as many times as you like! You only pay tokens for the files you need, plus you have access to free updates, maintenance, and support.

Fixed Cost

The model has a fixed cost that allows you to know how much the scan will cost upfront depending on the body part you want to scan.

Tokens Online

You can purchase your tokens in one click on our online store and you will receive them with our MSoft software for free and you can get started right away. 

Scan files from any customer

You can accept the scan files from any customer directly from the free 3DsizeME App or open any scan file from another scanner.

Affordable Solution

Our model allows you to use on a daily basis a high-end software for the scanning of body parts at an affordable cost with no high upfront investment. 

Pay Per Scan & MSoft Software

With MSoft you are able to clean, clip, fill, align, measure, calculate, compare, and analyze any scan in just a few seconds. 

Our Customers

Don’t take our word for it! More than 2000 clients rely on TechMed 3D’s solutions to take care of their 3D scanning needs on a daily basis. 

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It’s been over a decade that TechMed 3D is in the industry and has helped central fabrications and professionals worldwide. We’ve committed to providing nothing but the most powerful and most user-friendly human body measurement software on the market. 

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You can find everything you need to start scanning right away with TechMed 3D. You will also have access to our pool of experts that will be more than happy to help you in your journey to digitalization. 

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Are you unsure if TechMed 3D solutions’ are for you or are you wondering where to even start? Switching to 3D scanning doesn’t need to be daunting! We are here to help and will give you a free consultation to see if our solutions are the right fit for you. 





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