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General questions

If buying directly from the online store, you can pay with two different payment methods: PayPal or Stripe. If you buy via one of our sales representatives, we accept: credit card (if the total amount is lower than 4000$ US), wire transfer or PayPal.

Tokens can be purchased via our online store (button “buy tokens” at the top) or by contacting one of our sales representative at



We are very proud to say that our human body measurement software is adapted for all body parts. When using MSoft, you have access to a variety of manual measurements that you can add to your 3D file. Additionally, you have access to different tools such as comparison mode. If you have specific requests, please feel free to write to us at


The message can appear due to a variety of reasons. Rest assured that your license is most likely valid but write to to get in touch with support to obtain assistance regarding the issue.

To save a file in STL format for example, you must have a valid MSoft license. Once you are done with processing the file, you can go in the menu bar, under “file” and then “save as”. You will have access to the following files type format: .STL, .OBJ, .PLY, .med, .VRML, .ASCII and .AOP.

Yes! It’s possible to scan in color when using a scanner that supports color scanning. Our software is adapted to color scanning and both the Peel 2 and Structure Sensor scanners are the go to options for this feature.

Yes! All our scanners support the use of markers when scanning, we have developed a function in our software so you see the mark on your reconstructed 3D file. Also, when using a scanner that supports color scanning such as the Peel 2 and Structure Sensor, you can use your patient’s beauty marks or scars as landmarks.

MSoft uses the following supported languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.


3DsizeMe will create an iMed file, a file type that is proprietary to TechMed3D. To use and process it, you will need an MSoft license. MSoft will allow you to open the scan created in 3DsizeMe, process and save it as a 3D file format compatible for your next steps.

If you are using an iPad, you can use the structure sensor scanner both 1st and 2nd versions. With this option, you’ll be able to scan all body parts.

Yes, it is possible to add photos/videos after scanning. These files will be sent along with the scans when uploading to your computer.

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