Since March 2012, Techmed 3D has its own milling machine in its offices in Quebec.


Indeed, it will now be possible to outsource part of the production process to the company.
This is a significant benefit for a clinic or company that is not ready to invest in a complete solution, but who would still be interested in increasing their productivity and profitability by working with CAD / CAM.

It’s so simple:
1. You take any STL file, generated by the TechMed 3D system or any other scanning system, that has been modified virtually or not, and send it to TechMed 3D Services by e-mail.
2.The 3D shape is then machined with the Rodin 4D milling machine in a block of polyurethane, in the offices of Levis.
3. The positive is returned to your clinic the soon as possible, depending on your needs. You will be able to make changes manually on the positive if this has not been done virtually before machining, and then produce the orthopedic device.

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