TechMed 3D scanning systems are truly intuitive and easy to use. Almost no training is required. But if you want to learn more about the hardware, the scanning technique of the software features, watch the following videos!


3DsizeMƐ 101: Connecting the Structure Sensor

3DsizeMƐ 102: Calibrating the Structure Sensor

3DsizeMƐ 103: Set up the app and Dropbox


MSoft 101: Set parameters to scan (BodyScan only)

        – Select bodypart

        – Side

        – Texture

        – Scan height

        – Select Module

MSoft 102: Post-treatment Process

        – Automatic cleaning

        – Manual selection

        – Clipping planes (predefined & custom)

        – Automatic filling

MSoft 103: Alignment of body parts

        – Automatic alignment with Module

        – Automatic alignment with landmarks

        – Reidentify realign

MSoft 104: Landmarks on body parts (BodyScan only)

        – Display landmarks

        – 3D landmarks

        – Markaids

MSoft 105: Measurements of body parts

        – Automatic measurements

        – Edit automatic measurements

        – Semi-automatic measurements

        – Custom measurements

        – Volume

        – Angle

        – Shoe size

MSoft 106: Reports

        – Word

        – Excel

MSoft 107: Compare body parts

MSoft 108: Insert toe block automatically

MSoft 109: Positive negative blocks

MSoft 110: Miror model

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