OTWorld 2020
On October 27-29 2020, join the sector’s largest and most important get-together for all manufacturers, dealers, and service providers in the field of modern medical aids and equipment. Bringing together experts from all over the world and offering an innovation and dialogue platform that offers space for timely professional exchange on industry innovations.

OTWorld.connect offers this year 45 exciting workshops from companies in the industry, in which TechMed 3D will partake to facilitate rigorous exchange. The full program includes hands-on topics concerning indication-based care aimed at prosthetists and orthotists, orthopedic footwear professionals, and employees in the medical supplies trade.

During our workshop on October 28th, 2020 at 4 pm (CET), we will exclusively present NEW PRODUCT FEATURES that will improve your daily operations and simplify your work!

Over the past years, we have worked very hard to develop the coolest features to facilitate your day-to-day operations by using state-of-the-art technology. And the time has come to reveal our latest features that we’ve been working on during our workshop at OTWorld.connect.

Plus, here are the top 3 products you will get the chance to see at our virtual booth:

The 3DsizeME App, which is a portable, versatile, and easy to use App for human body 3D digitalisation.

My3DsizeME, which is the customizable version of the App, to add your look and feel to it.

MSoft, which is a software that enables you to get a clean scan instantly and obtain various types of measurements.

Meet our team members, as they will chat about our software measuring solutions for the human body. But most importantly, they will also be there to talk about the benefits of digitalization and why your digital transformation should have started yesterday. They will also be there to answer any questions and discuss the challenges you might be facing.

Meet your speakers:

Michel Babin

CEO – Founder 

Mathieu Lalumiere


Yahya Baby

Sales Director EMEIA 

Katherine Martel

Sales Rep – EMEIA 

Save the date: October 27-29 2020

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