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Dear valued customers and partners,

As you may already know, Apple just released a new version of iOS (iOS 14). There is an incompatibility issue between this iOS version and Occipital’s current Structure SDK on some iOS devices, which results in a black screen when launching a scan. 

That being said, we do not recommend users upgrade to iOS 14 at this moment until the application is updated. 

If for some reason, you have already updated to iOS 14, you may attempt the following temporary fix: 

  1. Open the App you need to use and connect your sensor. 
  2. If that App does not work as expected, disconnect the sensor. 
  3. Restart your iPad 
  4. Launch your App 
  5. Connect your sensor (This may bring back the functionality of your App) 

Note: If you open another Structure Sensor App it may revert the Apps so that they do not work well again. If this happens, following the above procedure again may fix it. 

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we are working rapidly on a permanent fix on the issue. 


TechMed 3D team

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