Today, we are really excited to show you the MSoft updates we did in the past few weeks by TechMed 3D’s team.

Foot size US and UK

This option allows the user to easily convert the foot size from one length unit to another (US vs UK).

Show iMed document list

When opening an iMed, if other documents are included (image, document .txt, pdf, etc.), they will be listed in a “box” before displaying the mesh. This allows the user to know when opening the file if there are documents attached to the iMed.

Show normals

While viewing a scan, the user can press the button “Show normals” in the left bar to reveal the normals. This option if useful when you want to know the direction of the normals.

Note: You must scroll down the left bar to display the button.

Invert normals

When processing a scan, the user can now (in the advanced settings) invert the mesh normals.

Face Block

When (and only when) the user processes a scan of the type Head and the specialized type Face, and presses on “Reconstruct” while processing the scan, a Face Block will then appear.

Scan in series

It is now possible to scan without having to process the scans immediately after each acquisition. The user can scan, cancel the process, and start scanning another part of the body. The “raw” scans are then automatically saved under one location indicated in the options. It is now more practical for a client who has many consecutive scans to do and who does not want to process them immediately in front of clients.

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About TechMed 3D

TechMed 3D’s mission is to make 3D digital acquisition technologies for human body parts accessible to all by developing and offering the most user-friendly scanning system. Our goal is to make it cheaper, faster, and more accurate for end users. We help them replace plaster casts, measurement tapes, and foam boxes.

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