An overview of the global digital health market

Digital health is used for technology-based care, which combines health technology, digital media and mobile devices. By providing easy access to relevant data, digital health helps caregivers, patients and health professionals, and so improves the quality of health care and social services. It is also a cost-effective solution to the constant increase in the demand for healthcare services and it will increase over the forecast period from 2017 to 2025. The digital health is a multidisciplinary field that includes the social sciences, engineering, health care, economics, health management and more. The global digital health market is fueled by a growing demand for improved communication between healthcare professionals and patients to reduce medical errors and provide better coordinated care. Due to competition in the market, companies strive to provide a cost-effective advanced technology.


Key Trends

Various factors are attributable to the growth of the global digital health market, such as increased investment, growing demand for remote patient monitoring services and many more.The advent of health informatics, combined with the development of the penetration of tablets, smartphones and other mobile platforms, will complement the growth of the market. In addition, advances in portable biological detection devices such as blood pressure monitors, blood glucose and diabetes indicators should make the global digital health industry a lucrative sector .

However, security and privacy issues, high capital expenditure incurred for the needs maintenance, and the lack of infrastructure for the health sector is expected to be an obstacle for the global digital health market.

Market Potential

With the advent of technology, the digital health market is expanding. New inventions are appearing at regular intervals, boosting demand for digital health and attracting manufacturers to this lucrative market. There is a huge market potential, as there will always be an increasing demand for medical technology. The numbers of hospitals are increasing in each cities the demand will be higher. For now, no company dominate the market yet, so each company has a chance to take a share of the market.

Competition Analysis

The size of the global digital health market is fragmented because there are several types of businesses in the market (start-up,  larges companies, etc.). The companies who dominate the market are those who have a financial stability, offer an exceptional after-sales service and have a great brand recognition. 

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