Here is the unboxing of the Bodyscan scanner. Take a closer look at the Bodyscan, the world’s best scanner for scanning the human body! 

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Image Starting Point – New 3DsizeMe Update

Today we are extremely excited to present the new Image Starting Point for 3DsizeME app.

A better prosthetic foot for developing countries

Up to 95 percent of an estimated 30 million amputees in developing countries don’t have access to prosthetics. Learn more on the new prosthetics solutions.

Electronic skin allows amputees with a prosthesis to feel the pain

Until the 20th century, prostheses were often heavy wooden gear with a gross shape and limited function, which made them unaesthetic and not functional. Today, however, we have prosthetics controlled with our minds, predicting movement, and fitting perfectly each person thanks to 3D printing technology.

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