Accurate and repeatable measurement of the human body is essential for many industries such as fashion and clothing, orthopedic devices and body mass monitoring. Currently, traditional methods to measure the human body are composed of tape measure, calipers, polyurethane foam and plaster. For more than a decade, the technology of 3D scanners has evolved and the price of these devices has declined sharply, making them accessible to everyone. 3D scanner technology brings many benefits for the measurement of human movement, including four major aspects: user accessibility, data collection, patient reporting and ecology.

Accessibility for the user
  • Technology accessible to all, no need to be an expert in 3D technology
  • Intuitive and user-friendly user interfaces
  • Extraction and export software for automatic measurements
  • Affordable price: some models for around $ 500
  • Easily transportable
Simple and easy data collection and management
  • Reliability, precision, repeatability and reproducibility of measurements
  • Virtual data: no deterioration in transport or storage
  • Monitoring the evolution of the patient’s condition
  • Ability to perform simulations to ensure proper fit
Safety, total comfort and privacy for the patient
  • Safe and patient-free technology
  • Non-messy handling
  • Data acquisition in seconds / minutes
Ecological solution
  • Avoid the use of plaster or other non-recoverable materials
  • Virtually ” 0 ” waste
  • No inventory of materials to keep

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